Big Brother is watching you, What other things is Facebook doing. Movie 1984, who would think. Big Brother is Community Organizers ( Democrats)

1984 movie is here today. The Democrats (Community Organizers).

The Fix. Did Facebook bury conservative news? Ex-staffers say yes.

Mark Zuckerburg give away your freedom. To save his. By the liberals (community organizers)rnIf you don’t know Lois Learner IRS, this is why! ( Lois Learner is an IRS terrorist ) She is one of the most evil persons, on the planet.rnThe great irony of the tech blog Gizmodo’s revelation that Facebook’s trending-topic curators weeded out stories about Facebook or about issues popular with conservatives is that Gizmodo’s story therefore likely won’t end up on Facebook’s list of trending topics. After all, the report, which suggests that the social media behemoth’s team filtered out stories on conservative topics from conservative sites, will most certainly be very, very popular with conservatives. (Update: Or maybe it will.)rnrnWhat we’re talking about here is that little box in the upper right of your Facebook page — the short list of news topics that are being discussed on Facebook at the moment. They’re clearly tailored to the user; as I write, mine include stories about New York (where I live) and politics, which I would assume that a surgeon in Dallas probably wouldn’t see. Because Facebook has one-sixth of the worldusing it every day, pretty much everything is being talked about to some extent. The company uses an automatic system (an algorithm) to surface what’s currently popular, and a team of staffers then further curates the list to tailor it to meet particular standards.rnAnd there’s the problem. Gizmodo quotes several former curators suggesting that conservative news stories would be booted from the automatically generated list of trending stories for two reasons. One was if the story came from a conservative-leaning site, such as or, in which case curators were told to find the same story on a mainstream media site, if possible. The other was if the curator didn’t want to include the story or didn’t recognize the story as important. It’s hard to know the extent to which the latter judgments took place, but one of the former curators — a conservative — told Gizmodo, “I believe it had a chilling effect on conservative news.”rnThat’s problematic, for obvious reasons. (Gizmodo notes that it’s not clear whether this is still happening, because the trending news algorithm is constantly being tweaked, and that it’s not clear whether liberal news was similarly affected.) The bigger question is the extent to which Facebook overlays another filter on top of what you see — and the extent to which that can influence political decisions.rnWe already knew (even if we sometimes forget) that there are a lot of layers of filtration that occur before you see anything on Facebook. There’s the filtering that you yourself do, picking friends, clicking links, posting stuff. There’s the main Facebook algorithm that puts things in your feed. That’s based in large part on what you tell the system you like. Two years ago, journalist Mat Honan liked everything in his feed, telling Facebook, in short, that he liked everything. Within 48 hours, his feed was a garbage dump. His human curation had failed.rnSo this manipulation of the trending news is another layer. But it’s significant in part because it’s the most obvious manifestation of what Facebook wants you to see. Facebook slips ads in your feed and highlights some posts over others, but the trending news is Facebook itself sharing content with you. And as Gizmodo reports, its employees are deliberate in doing so. For example:rnIn other instances, curators would inject a story — even if it wasn’t being widely discussed on Facebook — because it was deemed important for making the network look like a place where people talked about hard news. “People stopped caring about Syria,” one former curator said. “[And] if it wasn’t trending on Facebook, it would make Facebook look bad.”rnFacebook was also criticized for not having a trending topic on the Black Lives Matter movement, one former curator claimed. So they “injected” it into the feed. “This particular injection is especially noteworthy because the #BlackLivesMatter movement originated on Facebook, and the ensuing media coverage of the movement often noted its powerful social media presence,” Gizmodo’s Michael Nuñez writes. Black Lives Matter existed without Facebook, but this injection could only have helped.rnIn April, Nuñez reported that Facebook employees were advocating for chief executive Mark Zuckerberg to explain during a company meeting what responsibility Facebook had to block Donald Trump’s candidacy. (The question doesn’t appear to have been answered.) If it wanted to block Trump from appearing on the site, an expert told Nuñez, it was within its legal rights to do so, just as it can block other forms of content. The report resulted in assurances from the company that it would never interfere with people’s voting choices. “We as a company are neutral,” a spokesman told The Hill, “we have not and will not use our products in a way that attempts to influence how people vote.”rnAny news organization, including The Washington Post, is subject to bias introduced by the people that work for it. Hand-tailoring what the trending-news algorithm spits out introduces bias (not that the algorithm itself is without any bias, given that it, too, is cobbled together by humans). But that bias affects an audience of a size that The Post could only dream about.rnrnThis is a company that wants to create a system to bring the Internet to the entire world — so that the entire world can use Facebook. It’s a company whose chief executive, Zuckerberg, led a recent effort to reform immigration policies in the United States. If Facebook wanted to, it could put a message in support of immigration at the top of every user’s news feed, completely legally — though risking huge backlash.rnOr it could use its influence more quietly. In 2010, Facebook conducted a social experiment, introducing a tool letting people tell friends when they’d voted in that year’s elections. People who saw that message were 0.4 percent more likely to vote— resulting in an estimated 300,000 more people getting to the polls. This prompted a lot of questions about how Facebook could influence turnout, either at its own whim or as a product offered to political campaigns.rnrnThat’s the issue at the heart of the question over what Facebook is suppressing or promoting. This is a media company at a scale that’s without precedent in the world. Nearly three-quarters of American adults who use the Internet use Facebook. And those adults didn’t see stories about political topics in their trending news feeds because a human who works at Facebook decided not to show it.rnUpdate: Facebook released a statement on Monday afternoon.rnWe take allegations of bias very seriously. Facebook is a platform for people and perspectives from across the political spectrum.rnTrending Topics shows you the popular topics and hashtags that are being talked about on Facebook.rnThere are rigorous guidelines in place for the review team to ensure consistency and neutrality. These guidelines do not permit the suppression of political perspectives. Nor do they permit the prioritization of one viewpoint over another or one news outlet over another. These guidelines do not prohibit any news outlet from appearing in Trending Topics.rnrnrnrn

The Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook story (click this line)rnIs this the biggest story since 1776.rnAs far as freedom is concerned.rnSimply said, Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook), is lying to you..rn

How come Muslims don’t kill other Muslims in the U.S. They just kill Christians in the U.S. Never a Muslim cleric, just some young person with a child mind, does the dirty work(murder). Is that a con, or does the family profit from the murders, cash.[Father: if I was young, i’d be a martyr (Goes to heaven-gets all kinds of females).] The child minded son, wants to be like his father, gets out there and kills a christian. The father will get martyr money, ] (Ref: Osama bin Laden )
In Obama’s writings Obama mentions crossing the street to avoid three black men walking towards him, on his side of the street.(Somerville,ma, Blocks, from Harvard Square.) Yet he willing to risk killing U.S. citizens (with 10,000 Syrians terrorist) for political reasons. What a two faced lying hypocrite.
let them live in Washington DC. (10,000 time bomb murders)

Obama wants 10,000 Syrians refugees. Well let them live in Washington DC. (10,000 time bomb murders) to live in Washington DC. Maybe they can be school bus drivers for private schools, and take Obama children to school. (Or lobbyist children), like he wants, for our families.
The Washington Post, should have Syrian workers for their business. They should work there at the Paper. One day the Syrian worker comes in with a hangover and slaughters the staff.
Also let Syrians be housed with the Washington Post editors, and their families. Again like they want, for our families. As soon as one (Syrian murder ) gets drunk they will kill Washington Post family members. –>

In Europe Muslim countries don’t want Muslims.
Community Organizers and Muslim Clerics Incite. BERLIN, (Germany) Jan 5 (2016)

(Reuters) – About 90 women have reported being robbed, threatened or sexually molested at New Year celebrations outside Cologne’s cathedral by young, mostly drunk, men, police said on Tuesday, in events they have described as ‘a new dimension in crime’.
Cologne (Germany) police chief Wolfgang Albers told a news conference officers described the men as looking as if they were from “the Arab or North African region” and mostly between 18 and 35 years old. “We have one complaint that represents a rape,” he added.
(other reports are about 60 rapes)(Paris: 130 dead)

A little boose, and they are off to their true community organize (Muslim cleric) calling.
Dip-pity dope-pity do:
community organizers incite drunks and drugged up people to attack police.

com-plic-it The Media is complicit in the Monica Lewinsky rape

[kem plisit]
1. involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing
“all of these people are complicit in some criminal conspiracy”

Washington Post, NY Times, CBS, NBC, ABC, Public Television, Boston Globe, LA Times are complicit in the Monica Lewinsky rape.
Lying to the public, let the guard down on parents, causing the rape of Monica Lewinsky, through fiduciary rape.

In Obama’s writings Obama mentions crossing the street to avoid three black men walking towards him, on his side of the street.(Somerville,ma, Blocks, from Harvard Square.) Yet he willing to risk killing U.S. citizens (with 10,000 Syrians terrorist) for political reasons. What a two faced lying hypocrite.
Obama wants 10,000 Syrians refugees. Well let them live in Washington DC. (10,000 time bomb murders) to live in Washington DC. Maybe they can be school bus drivers for private schools, and take Obama children to school. (Or lobbyist children), like he wants, for our families. The Washington Post, should have Syrian workers for their business. They should work there at the Paper. One day the Syrian worker comes in with a hangover and slaughters the staff. Also let Syrians be housed with the Washington Post editors, and their families. Again like they want, for our families. As soon as one (Syrian murder ) gets drunk they will kill Washington Post family members.
The reason Poland was over run by the Germans, (WW II) Poland had gun control, no built in militia. (A population of 49 million, can have a civilian army (militia) of people, 10 million strong. About 1,000 divisions, it would then, be stupid to invade.)
Little Switzerland was not attacked, all their citizens had guns, Germans stayed the hell out of there.
King Obama wants, only Muslims, to have guns. Nothing to do with hunting or personal protection, its to kill Americans Christians. Just like Muslims slaughtering the Armenians (Christians) in 1915. (1.5 million)
Thank you for all, for your support. Thanks also for checking back, and enjoy their craziness. There is no difference between obama supporters, media and the Muslims. (Ref. Rules for Radicals, Koran.) Community organizer is out of the book, Rules for Radicals. Same as Hitler’s book.
Trump has the ability to fight the media pack. (the lobbyist pack) Lobbyist have golden bathroom faucets. Just like in the book, The Prince, Machiavelli, their interest.They are stealing from the minimum wage workers. Under the supervision of (King) Obama.
Just before World War I, there were a number of terrorist attacks on the United States forces in the Philippines by Muslim extremists.

So General Pershing captured 50 terrorists and had them tied to posts for execution.
He then had his men bring in two pigs and slaughter them in front of the now horrified terrorists. Muslims detest pork because they believe pigs are filthy animals. Some of them simply refuse to eat it, while others won’t even touch pigs at all, nor any of their by-products. To them, eating or touching a pig, its meat, its blood, etc., is to be instantly barred from paradise (and those virgins) and doomed to hell. The soldiers then soaked their bullets in pigs blood, and proceeded to execute 49 of the terrorists by firing squad. The soldiers then dug a big hole, dumped in the terrorist’s bodies and covered them in pig blood, entrails, etc. They let the 50th man go. And for the next forty-two years, there was not a single Muslim extremist attack anywhere in the world.

Why the Swiss are free, for hundreds of years.

Today, military service for Swiss males is universal. At about age 20, every Swiss male goes through 118 consecutive days of recruit training in the Rekrutenschule. This training may be a young man’s first encounter with his countrymen who speak different languages. (Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansch.)
Even before required training begins, young men and women may take optional courses with the Swiss army’s M57 assault rifle. They keep that gun at home for three months and receive six half-day training sessions.
From age 21 to 32, a Swiss man serves as a “frontline” troop in the Auszug, and devotes three weeks a year (in eight of the 12 years) to continued training. From age 33 to 42, he serves in the Landwehr (like America’s National Guard); every few years, he reports for two-week training periods. Finally, from ages 43, to 50, he serves in the Landsturm; in this period, he only spends 13 days total in “home guard courses.”

Swiss man

Over a soldier’s career he also spends scattered days on mandatory equipment inspections and required target practice. Thus, in a 30-year mandatory military career, a Swiss man only spends about one year in direct military service. Following discharge from the regular army, men serve on reserve status until age 50 (55 for officers).
By the Federal Constitution of 1874, military servicemen are given their first equipment, clothing and arms. After the first training period, conscripts must keep gun, ammunition and equipment an ihrem Wohnort (“in their homes”) until the end of their term of service.
Today, enlisted men are issued M57 automatic assault rifles and officers are given pistol, Each reservist is issued 24 rounds of ammunition in sealed packs for emergency use. (Contrary to Handgun Control’s claim that “all ammunition must be accounted for,” the emergency ammunition is the only ammo that requires accounting.)
After discharge from service, the man is given a bolt rifle free from registration or obligation. Starting in the 1994, the government will give ex-reservists assault rifles. Officers carry pistols rather than rifles and are given their pistols the end of their service.
When the government adopts a new infantry rifle, it sells the old ones to the public.
Reservists are encouraged to buy military ammunition (7.5 and 5.6mm-5.56 mm in other countries-for rifles and 9 and 7.65 mm Luger for pistols, which is sold at cost by the government, for target practice Non-military ammunition for long-gun hunting and .22 Long Rifle (LR) ammo are not subsidised, but are subiect to no sales controls. Non-military non-hunting ammunition more powerful than .22 LR (such as .38 Spl.) is registered at the time of sale.
Swiss military ammo must be registered if bought at a private store, but need not be registered if bought at a range The nation’s 3,000 shooting ranges sell the overwhelming majority of ammunition. Technically, ammunition bought at the range must be used at the range, but the rule is barely known and almost never obeyed.
The army sells a variety of machine guns, submachine guns, anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft guns, howitzers and cannons. Purchasers of these weapons require an easily obtained cantonal license, and the weapons are registered, In a nation of six million people, there are at least two million guns, including 600,00 fully automatic assault rifles, half a million
More details

IRS joins the Democrats (Community Organizers) to terrorize the American citizens. Lois Lerner will be the czar(Prince, King) of terrorizing, American citizens history just like Hitler’s (SS[KBG].). You can not file a tax form, without incriminating yourself. Boston Globe made this happen. Lois Learner-Hitler. She is hailing Hitler, it makes her happy. (check the mustache)

Hillary ( and Obama, Media ) supports the killing of middle east women by stoning, (people throwing stones at women, result in killing of the women, unbelievable at best) by taking money from the Saudi’s King. (Obama) stones women.
Political correctness, is for the slaves. Slave whipping is done by the Media(ABC,NBC,CBS,PublicTV,etc) Boston Globe, WashingtonPost, NYtimes, LAtimes etc. With their Fake news.
The Muslim Cleric Mounts a Japanese Style Banzai Charge, from no where to be found.

Lebanon 1990’s.
A non-Muslim Christian story, from the sister of a police officer.
Across from a mosque, peaceful Muslims enter the mosque, maybe talking, with happy faces, maybe about how good their children are doing, and how happy of each others children progress, in this or that.
The cleric speaks, time passes, time changes. Now its time for the congregation to exit the mosque.
The cleric has turned, the congregation into a murdering pack of blood thirty mindless people bent on killing none Muslims (Christians) across the square, these non-Muslims (Christians) must be killed in order to get into haven (so to speak).

The only thing that stops death to the non-Muslim police officer is his little gun.

Not one cleric leading the charge, like drones, attack, attack, feeling like going to heaven, attack.

How do free people deal, with groups of people, who make money on hate, or the hate business. It’s ok to kill Christians, etc,
Authors looking to write a book? There are many salable books to be written on items on this page. Maybe the extinction of American Christians. If this is to much for you? Read about the extinction of the Armenians. Another instance: Is global warming, a Muslim like religion. etc It has its military,.
Why does Obama have guns (his body guards) and we can not. Obama dictates to us what we can have and not have. We have our First Dictator president (Community Organizer ), Obama.
Why do the Red Sox have red sox and Brady can’t have a red hat, the Boston Globe dictates to us what we can have, and not have.

What is the behavior of the the Boston Globe. Fake news, fake news, fake news fake news fake news ( Community Organizers fake news ). Boston Redsox never have any scandals.

Oh the Red Sox are owned by the Boston Globe.

Oh the Red Sox are owned by the Boston Globe.
New name for the Boston Globe, The Boston Globe Dictator, and the Red Sox as the Red Dictators.

Nazi torturers dictate what hat Tom Brady will not wear.

If you wear that hat we will destroy you.
Throw your family, in a concentration camp.
(abc,cbs,nbc)Nazi’s told Brady if you wear that hat you will be destroyed.
It was a combined (abc,nbc,cbs) statement as nobody defended his hat.
We listen to the Nazi Radio Boston. Suppose to be sports, but its all about forcing Nazi ideas on us.

Tomlin is the 12th player on the field, now this is cheating.

rnThe only image around of the Tomil throwing a block, in the Ravens and Steelers game last year. Right foot is on the field of play, and left is in the air, throwing a block.rnrnPIT 7 | BAL 13 | 3rd big play hightlightsrnNFL video.

Every time local, state and national politicians, raise a tax, create a new tax or law, thousands of people become homeless. (bostonpostnews)
Fiduciary rape. That is what the Clinton’s are guilty of. (Having the power: you do what I want, or be fired)
Just a matter of time, when the baby coming out of the womb, will have to pay income taxes. Somebody in 1913 would laugh, if he would say, working people not owning huge corporation would be paying income taxes. 1913 workers got $ 7.50 a week. Also they could buy ten to twenty houses with $ 4000, back then.
The Main Job of Public Television, is to keep the Washington lobbyist in business.
IRS Oversees Taxes And Obamacare. Now Warren Buffett Wants IRS In Welfare Too. They are Partners Obama care insurance companies also have IRS as collection department.

IRS Oversees Taxes And Obamacare. Now Warren Buffett Wants IRS In Welfare Too. They are Partners Obama care insurance companies also have IRS as collection department. rnrnrnThe thieves get together, discuss how (IRS) Lois Lerner will chase down deadbeats.rnMega-Billionaire Warren Buffett is awfully savvy, the most successful investor of all time. He has become a strangely hybrid cult figure. A kind of public sage, he is a bellwether of what we all should do. In the language of the 1960s, Mr. Buffett is part of the establishment.rnrnYet he likes simple things, managing to appeal to everyman. Despite public hostility toward the super-rich, Mr. Buffett is always revered, making many perpetually hungry for the facts they never knew about Warren Buffett. He even says he wants higher tax rates, almost mounting a crusade. Heck, I should pay more than my secretary, he famously complained.rnrnOf course, Mr. Buffett is famously shrewd when it comes to shaving taxes off his own wealth, with a way of supersizing Buffett tax deductions. And he is deft at entirely side-stepping or shaving quite close all taxes off the endless parade of corporate deals his army of companies keeps acquiring.rnrnIn the corporate world, Mr. Buffett plays a non-stop Game of Thrones. Truly, no one else can bend it like Buffett. All of this makes it especially unfortunate that Mr. Buffett is championing bringing the IRS into an even larger role than it already has. In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, Mr. Buffett says we should expand the Earned Income Tax Credit and not raise the minimum wage.rnrnAs Mr. Buffett puts it, “The process is simple: You file a tax return, and the government sends you a check.” Many tax lawyers, accountants and return preparers who deal with IRS issues daily are scratching their heads. Any American who has dealt with an IRS snafu—and there are many—should be too. Already, a Treasury Department watchdog has admitted that the IRS made 3 billion in improper EITC payments.rnrnWarren Buffett Wants A Bigger EITC—And So Do Tax Identity ThievesrnTax Refunds To Illegals Under Obama Immigration Action Would Be Stopped By…rnObamacare 40% Cadillac Tax Hits No Frills Plans Too. Like Your Plan, Keep Your…rnObama Immigration Fix: 4M Illegals Who Never Paid U.S. Tax, Get 3 Years Of Tax…rnrnAnd the horrible tally keeps going up every year, with the earned income tax credit still being plagued with terribly high error rates. We pay out billions to the wrong people. And some of the right people don’t get what they should get. Fraud is rampant. And then there is the whole undocumented worker issue!rnrnRepublicans are already upset at President Obama for his Executive Action that many still say is illegal. Then, the IRS weighed in saying that millions of illegals who never paid U.S. tax, could get 3 years of tax refunds! That prompted bills to stop tax refunds to illegals under the Obama immigration action.rnrnProofrn

Obama and Warren Buffett Partners Obama health care was for Buffett’s Insurance companies. Plus, Lois Lerner (IRS tyrant) to make sure everybody (low paid working stiff) has a policy. Proof

Obama and Warren Buffett Partners
Obama health care was for Buffett’s Insurance companies.
Plus, Lois Lerner (IRS tyrant) to make sure everybody (low paid working stiff) has a policy.

Rules For Radicals or How to be a slave owner, and not pay housing, feeding, etc. There is a lot of suckers out there and get yours like ABC, CBS, NBC has them. (franchisers available like global warming, lyons, Destroy NFL, etc, be a community organizer and you will be a slave owner too. Money beyond your wildest dreams.)Hillary has her book, look at the money she makes, and Obama is a community organizer, right out of the book. ABC, CBS, NBC are just liars and just lie and lie. Just like the book, Rules for radicals.
Democrats murder Democrats and Republicans in Democrat Mayored Cities all over the country. Mass murders breaking records each year.
Obama Comedy Show. It’s on Every Day and the joke is on the American worker.
Colonel Garrett reporter and president obama

Media treats Obama as a total idiot, if you treat him as a president then the media chases you down like a Rwanda cockroach. (the human behavior is exactly as in the book An Ordinary Man )

comparing President Barack Obama to Hitler,

When another reporter asked if he was comparing President Barack Obama to Hitler, Carson said, “No. I am saying in a situation where people do not express themselves, bad things can happen.”

Ben Carson: ‘Hitler’ could happen here

Washington (CNN)Ben Carson suggested on Wednesday that a Nazi-like force could come to power in the United States.
At a campaign event in New Hampshire, Carson noted that many people believe a situation like what took place in Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s could never happen in America.
“I beg to differ,” Carson said. “If you go back and look at the history of the world, tyranny and despotism and how it starts, it has a lot to do with control of thought and control of speech.”
At a press conference after the speech, reporters asked Carson who he thinks is like Adolf Hitler in the U.S.
“I’m not going to go into that that. I think that example is pretty clear,” he responded, without elaborating.
Carson: Confederate flag can fly on private property
When another reporter asked if he was comparing President Barack Obama to Hitler, Carson said, “No. I am saying in a situation where people do not express themselves, bad things can happen.”
Earlier, Carson had said, “If people don’t speak up for what they believe, then other people will change things without them having a voice. Hitler changed things there and nobody protested. Nobody provided any opposition to him.”
Meanwhile, as he was leaving the event, a reporter asked Carson how he would respond to Hurricane Joaquin if he were in the White House.
“I don’t know,” he replied.

Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination of Islam! (Deceive [lie] Christians) 100 years ago 1.5 million Armenians murdered, they don’t exist today.

deception; the islamic word for concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies.
It is impossible to understand Islam and Muslims by listening to their protestations against terror and their proclamations of patriotism for America. Usually, it is wise and fair to give people the benefit of the doubt but when it comes to national safety and the future of America, we had better look twice, even thrice at Muslim patriotism. Why? Because Islam permits lying! It is called “Al-taqiyya.” One Muslim said that Al-taqiyya means dissimulation then he expanded it to diplomacy but he should have gone further to deception. Now some Muslims who do not follow the Koran are as faithful Americans as any of us, but the problem is, we cannot know.
It seems our President and his advisors are clueless as to the desires, doctrines, and distinctives of Islam. While I feel a little audacious in giving advice to national leaders, it is necessary since no one else is doing it. Muslims lie not because they are liars by nature but by choice. Systematic lying as a religious policy is deadly, and if our politicians do not understand this, thousands could die.
Muslims lie when it is in their interest to do so and “Allah” will not hold them accountable for lying when it is beneficial to the cause of Islam. They can lie without any guilt or fear of accountability or retribution. A lie in the defense of Islam is approved even applauded in their “holy” books.
Muslims are permitted to lie: (1) to save their lives, (2) to reconcile a husband and wife, (3) to persuade a woman into a bedroom and (4) to facilitate one on his journey. Muslims are even permitted to disavow Islam and Mohammed if it is not a genuine heart-felt rejection. Muslims will tell you that concealment of a truth is not an abandonment of that truth if it benefits Islam.
Mohammed gave permission for a follower to lie in order to kill a Jewish poet who had offended Mohammed. I could provide many examples of permissible lying from the Koran and Hadith and will do so when my critics accuse me of hatred and bigotry because of this column. My motives are not important but the truth is. However, many unprincipled people do not consider truth important. It is political correctness that sits on the throne to be worshiped.
Muslims may appear very sincere; in fact, they are sincere, when they lie for their own protection or in the cause of Islam. They have permission to lie. Yes, Christians have also lied but never are they given permission to lie. However, a Muslim has no guilt since the Koran and Hadith permit his deception.
More of the terrible truth

Supreme Court Lottery

If the Supreme Court can’t rule because they are afraid of Obama, then why not have Supreme Court Judges created by a lottery, ticket $ 1.00 and
the winners are Supreme Court Judges.

It would also pay the cost of running the Supreme Court System.

rn rnIRS defends paying refunds to illegals who never filed taxes rnThe IRS is defending its decision to let illegal immigrants claim up to three years’ refunds on income even if they never paid income taxes, telling Congress in a new letter last week that agency lawyers have concluded getting a Social Security number triggers the ability to go back and ask for previous refunds.rnPresident Obama’s new deportation amnesty could grant Social Security numbers to as many as 4 million illegal immigrants, making many of them eligible for tax refunds under the Earned Income Tax Credit even for years when they cheated on their taxes, by working off the books and not filing tax returns.rnrn“Section 32 of the Internal Revenue Code requires an SSN on the return, but a taxpayer claiming the EITC is not required to have an SSN before the close of the year for which the EITC is claimed,” IRS CommissionerJohn Koskinen wrote in his letter to Sen. Charles E. Grassley on Wednesday.rnrnThe IRS’s chief lawyer had reached that conclusion in 2000, and the agency has newly confirmed it, Mr. Koskinen said.rnMr. Grassley called that a mockery of the law and said he will try to write a bill specifically prohibiting it.rn“The tax code shouldn’t reward those who broke our immigration laws,” the Iowa Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said in a statement.rnrnThe tax issue has become one of several flash points over Mr. Obama’s deportation amnesty, which grants tentative legal status, Social Security numbers and work permits to illegal immigrants who qualify. The newly legalized workers would also likely be eligible for driver’s licenses, and could even be more attractive than native-born workers to some employers trying to figure out ways to save money under Obamacare mandates.rnrnMr. Koskinen has previously said that illegal immigrants must be able to prove they worked off-the-books in order to claim the EITC, and it’s unclear how many of the population Mr. Obama is aiming to cover would be able to offer such proof.rnThe three-year time frame is part of general tax law, allowing anyone who didn’t file to go back and claim a refund for up to three previous year’s worth of taxes.rnBut the IRS lawyer’s ruling creates an odd circumstance where illegal immigrants who cheated by not paying taxes before can see if they would benefit from refunds. If they do benefit, they could file, but if they don’t benefit they could continue to avoid taxes for those years.rnMr. Obama’s new amnesty program does not require payment of back taxes.rnCongress is currently snared in a fight over Mr. Obama’s deportation amnesty, with House Republicans insisting it be ended and trying to tie continued funding for the Homeland Security Department to provisions that would halt the amnesty.rnDemocrats are universally opposed, and Senate Republicans, caught in the middle, have begun to side with Democrats, arguing that homeland security money must keep flowing no matter what.rnA federal court has put Mr. Obama’s expanded amnesty on hold, finding that the president likely skirted federal law in issuing the new policy without first going through a period of public comment andrnrnrnrnrn more

get ridiculed, and cower down to the sports host

You don’t go the 95.5 radio for sports, you go there for brainwashing.
Just listen to them and pay attention their voice behavior, it’s funny how to get on the air you must behave like them.
Agree with them or get ridiculed, and cower down to the sports host. Again it’s funny to listen to their behavior.
98.5 fm Sunday 12 noon 10th of May 2015 example, ask for the tapes, Oh they got deleted or an other lie.

Ruling Class Media Stephanopoulos on Clinton’s staff (ABC This week with George Stephanopoulos)


Obama wants discourse (debate, disagreement, etc. for the order of things) in a free country.

Obama said it was OK to disagree with him and would not consider it racial or the media to consider it racial, he wants discourse (debate, disagreement, etc. for the order of things) in a free country. He would reprehend ( to find fault with; criticize ) the media outlet for the above action.

Contract law passes supreme court. but is not legal law between between the buyer and seller. You must see and agree with the written contract or it’s not binding. It is not a contract with the buyer. The only persons subject to the law (Obama Care) is the Supreme Court. Stupid starts stupid finishes.

Ice Chunks Taller Than People Washed Up On The Shores Of Cape Cod : scroll very interesting, about 5 shots

It’s no secret that Massachusetts had an intense winter. But now, with the snow finally melting, gigantic chunks of ice have washed up on the shores of Cape Cod.rnA Cape Code photographer who goes by Dapixara took photos of the ice that washed onto the shores of Great Island in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, earlier this month.rn”Cape Cod is my sacred place to be creative,” Dapixara told The Huffington Post.rnWBZ-TV chief meteorologist Eric Fisher has said these massive chunks are probably a “once-in-a-generation” occurrence.rnThey won’t stick around for long, though: Spring is coming, everything is melting and all will be right in the world again.rnrnCheck out Dapixara’s photos below:rnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrn

$ 1.6 million contract to India. IRS lost .28 million.(and you lose your job for $ 10,000.00 you owed the IRS)

U.S. Agency for International Development mission in Malawi awarded a $ 1.6 million (IRS lost $ 1.28 million and you lose your job for $ 1 0,000.00 you owe the IRS) contract to Nova Publications — a company in India — “to print, bind, deliver, and distribute” more than 4.5 million books for students in both English and Chichewa, the official language of Malawi. Aslo, the company will also print 155,609 teachers’ guides for the Government of Malawi’s Ministry of Education Science and Technology.

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he wishes to hold the reader’s attention he chooses bad things

We are not told of things that happened to specific people exactly as they happened;
but the beginning is when there are good things and bad things, things that happen in this life
which one never tires of seeing and hearing about,
things which one cannot bear not to tell of and must pass on for all generations.
If the storyteller wishes to speak well, then he chooses the good things; and
if he wishes to hold the reader’s attention he chooses bad things, extraordinarily bad things.
Good things and bad things alike, they are things of this world and no other.

― Murasaki Shikibu, The Tale of Genji

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They keep telling bad news to keep your, or audience attention.
Lacking talent it’s the only thing they can do.

Don’t Tread On Me

Don’t Tread On Mern